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    A Few Tips For Using Dermisil Effectively

    By on August 10, 2019

    Right behind Wartrol, Dermisil is definitely one of the more popular wart removal medications out in the market. Thus, it is unsurprising that it would be one of the common prescriptions that you will see given to you.

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    However, in order to make this medicine effective, here are a few simple reminders that you have to keep in mind when taking it.

    Definitely the first thing that you need to think about when getting the medication is whether or not Dermisil is the right one for you. As the medication is a topical cream, it would be alright for use by most people.

    However, there are those people who might have an allergic reaction with any form of topical skin medication. It would be a good idea for you to ask your doctor’s opinion first to be sure that you are good to go. The same applies for Wartrol, though it seems to cause less allergic reactions.

    dermisilWhen using it, you need to know how to properly apply it to your warts. Get a set of clean cotton swaps and dip one in the medication. You then slowly dab it on the wart. Repeat for four times a day.

    Avoid using your fingers to apply the medication onto your skin, as this might cause some irritation.

    A good tip to hasten the recovery process is to dab a small cotton ball and tape it onto the wart for the night. Pretty much the same process applies for both wart removers.

    You will likely notice that the skin around the wart will dry up after a few weeks. Don’t worry, as this is a normal side effect of the medication. If you feel uncomfortable, you can dab a wet cotton ball on the dry areas to moisturize them.

    After a few weeks or months, you will notice that wart slowly shrinking in size. It would be a good for you to continue the treatment until a few weeks after the wart has completely disappeared to be sure that it is thoroughly cured.

    In some cases Dermasil took a lot longer to remove warts but your mileage may vary.

    One question that will likely be running in your head is whether this product will work well with other wart removal medications. For most parts it would, though you need to be careful with the kind of medications that you take. These might cause some unwanted side effects for you during treatment.

    However, there should be no problem combining it with Wartrol, since the latter consists mostly of homeopathic and FDA approved ingredients, water and alcohol and is thus unlikely to cause any kind of side effects.

    In any case, Wartrol seems to be the superior solution: according to numerous reviews, it is easier to use, cheaper, the order process is straight forward and most importantly, it seems to help against warts a lot faster.

    Which product you ultimately choose for treating your warts is up to you but Wartrol is our #1 recommendation.

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