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    We are a group of bloggers, journalists and authors from various sectors of the health industry. We wanted to create a new platform to share the knowledge we’ve gathered both in our jobs and free time so after a lot of planning, the WebmediaEU was founded.

    Our Mission:

    In a world full of discomfort, our network of authors and writers strives to bring you the latest and best health information, general lifestyle and health articles, advice, product reviews, scam warnings, nutritional tips & recipes and much more. We want to bring more comfort back into your life again and be a source of trustable health information.

    How To Help Us Achieve It:

    We are always happy to receive support from loyal readers! Here are a few things you can do to help us grow and reach more people:

    1. Comment on any articles you like or know something about. Maybe you have a personal story or a valuable resource to share? Maybe you’re just looking for advice or the article wasn’t clear enough. Comments help to make the site more active and draw more people into the discussion. This way all of us can learn from each other.
    2. Share your favorite articles and resources on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + or others. Your friends, family and colleagues will be thankful that you shared a good resource and at the same time we get a new reader. Win – win!
    3. Write for us. We are always looking for talented people that want to help others. Join our team and produce quality content that could stretch from an informational article to a full-blown recipe guide or ebook. Guest posts/bloggers are welcome, too!
    4. Buy from our links. It is no secret that the majority of links to recommended products on our site (particularly the review section) are affiliate links. Everytime someone buys through them we receive a small commission, enabling us to keep up the payment for hosting, enticing our writers to produce more and better content, keep up our newsletter and a few other things associated with running a big site like this. We only recommend products we personally have tested ourselves or really believe in!