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    How To Treat Warts Using Natural Herbs

    By on October 14, 2017

    Warts are much more common than people want to make them out to be. Cauliflower warts are one of the most common examples, and yes, people of all ages are susceptible to them. I remember having a cauliflower wart on the side of my hand when I was younger that honestly ended up getting scraped off at some point in time. Whatever type of wart you are trying to get rid of, there are natural remedies, including herbs. Herbs for wart treatment might just do the trick, so let’s see what your options are.

    Remember that there are also other natural remedies that you can use in conjunction with herbs to cure warts, like Wartrol and other topical solutions – read our Wartrol review here. For example, tea tree oil is often mentioned as one of the possible choices. It makes you wonder what other essential oils could be used in conjunction with natural herbs to get rid of warts. I am about to identify some herbs that you can use, but I wanted to bring up another good point. With natural remedies, you do of course have to be patient.

    Turmeric is a popular cooking herb that is a natural remedy for many things. It can help with wart removal, too. While it is important to identify what herbs to use, you also want to know how they help and of course how you are supposed to use them. In this case, the best solution is to purchase turmeric in tuber form. If you do that, you just grind it to make the paste. Naturally, many people are used to buying this herb in powder form, in which case you just simply need to add some water.

    In the case of turmeric, you want to put the paste directly on the area. Furthermore, it says you should do this twice daily.

    Now, let’s look at another herb that might be able to help you naturally remove warts. Would you believe that garlic is one of them? I love garlic, but we all know it can smell. The smell is intense, so you are probably hoping that you don’t have to wear garlic twice daily to get the job done.

    Well, the experts have thought out this one for you. However, let’s just say that your bedroom may smell like garlic for awhile. You see, you are supposed to apply the garlic at night and leave it on. People say to crush a garlic clove, and as you apply the fresh and very ripe smelling garlic to the area, you are supposed to use tape to keep it there.

    It may seem like the garlic remedy is a little over the top because of the smell, but I would do it. First of all, garlic does smell good, but it is just strong and not a desired odor outside the realm of the kitchen. If you would rather try a different herb or you are open to another suggestion, you can use basil, too. Get those natural herbal remedies working in your favor when it comes to wart removal.

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