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    Real Wartrol Reviews – Does This Wart Remover Work?

    By on February 14, 2019

    Let’s face it everyone – warts are unsightly. These bumps and lesions on the skin make the person suffering from them self-conscious, and they can disturb others who are in close contact with the affected individual.

    Commonly, the first question asked by anyone who has warts is not “how did I get these?”, but instead is “how do I get rid of these things pronto?!?”

    If you visit any local drug store, you will see a myriad of potential cures and remedies on the market that claim to cure warts quickly.

    One of them is Wartrol, but before we look more closely at this specific wart remover, let’s examine first what warts are and where they come from.

    Knowing what they are and how to attack them most effectively should help you greatly to figure out what product will best do the job.

    What Is A Wart?

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a wart is a growth that appears on the skin when a very specific virus (called the human papillomavirus, or HPV) infects the top layer of the epidermis. The virus typically enters a cut or lesion in the surface of the skin before creating the growth.

    a-wartThe growth itself can take on the appearance of a tiny piece of cauliflower or a blister. Most warts last only a few moths before disappearing. However, some warts can last for years if untreated.

    It is important to remember that warts can appear anywhere on the body – hands, feet, genitals, even the eyelids. It is equally important to remember that warts are contagious. Thus, family and friends who are in close contact with a person suffering from warts should exercise heightened caution to avoid spreading them.

    And just because a wart has vanished on a person does not mean he or she is out of the woods. Warts can reoccur in the same spot they previously infected.

    Most warts are harmless – they are simply nuisances that no one enjoys having. However, a select few strains of HPV are associated with cervical cancer in women. Different types of warts arouse different responses from people who observe them.

    A child with a wart on a finger or the back of the hand may cause little concern in other folks. People react more strongly and cautiously when they find out an adult has genital warts around the anus or groin.

    By the way, there is a common folklore that toads are a source of wart infection. This is a complete myth. So please – give the poor toads a break.

    6 Ways To Treat Warts Effectively

    Unfortunately, there is no widespread treatment currently available which prevents a person from getting common warts and moles. The only exception to this rule is a couple of vaccines that have been developed to prevent warts which lead to cervical cancer in women; however, these vaccines have a mixed track record of success. All of today’s common remedies for warts instead aim at treating the blemishes after they appear on the body.



    A frequently-used (but expensive) method to treat warts involves something called “cryotherapy.” This is a fancy word for “freezing” and can be done with products like Dr. Scholls Freeze Away.

    Super-cold chemicals, such as liquid nitrogen, are applied to the warts in a series of treatments and they eventually fall off. However, the average person does not have easy access to liquid nitrogen, so this option for most people is not feasible when a treatment is needed in a hurry.


    Other commonly-used methods involve a doctor’s intervention. These include painting the wart with a substance called cantharidin, which causes a blister to form under the wart and allows the whole thing to be trimmed away in about a week.


    Alternatively, a physician may opt to cut away the wart in a minor outpatient procedure. Finally, a doctor can use electrosurgery and curettage, which involves “burning” the wart and scraping off the skin layers until the blemish is removed completely.

    Home Treatments

    If you do enough searching on wart treatments and how to get rid of skin tags, you will inevitably come across some people who swear that covering warts with duct tape for extended periods of time is an effective treatment for these blemishes. However, medical studies have disproved these claims.

    OTC Wart Remover Products

    The most common (and cheapest) method currently used to treat warts involve compounds that have a substance called salicylic acid. You may not have heard of salicylic acid, but you have probably used another medicine that contains this chemical, like Dermisil. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in aspirin, and is used in other pain and discomfort-treating medicines.

    Salicylic acid is a medication known as a “keratolytic.” This means it dissolves the protein (or keratin) that makes up most of the wart and the thick, dead skin surrounding it, too. Once that protein is broken down, the wart falls off and goes away.

    Another option for a person suffering from warts is to buy Wartrol and to use the product as directed.

    What Is Wartrol?

    This wart remover treatment is a proprietary compound sold over the counter through an internet site that claims to be “the most effective wart removal system of the last three decades.” This is a strong claim, figuring how many compounds and wart treatments exist on the market.

    Ingredients, And Why They Are Effective

    bottleThe manufacturers are at least honest in advertising the product – its secret ingredient is no secret at all. Wartrol uses salicylic acid. That is the same compound mentioned above, which has been used as a common wart treatment for decades.

    However, the product advertises that it has this compound concentrated to 17{12fa2f9dcc59a3970eea20bb42792a1c0d1764198a544c635d729879b8933d17} within the medicine.

    While this might appear impressive, this is quite similar to the concentration of salicylic acid found in other medicines sold over the counter, such as Compound W.

    The rest of the product’s ingredients are inactive compounds. However, they still play an important part in the medicine’s efficacy:


    • ethyl alcohol – this is the medium in which all the components that make up this wart remover are mixed in;
    • flexible collodion – a syrupy compound, this substance helps form a tough film over a surface when it dries;
    • menthol – this is an alcohol made from various mint oils that helps relieve itching;
    • polysorbate – 80 – this compound acts as an emulsifier, which allows the various ingredients to be evenly spread throughout the medicine;
    • ascorbic acid – also known as vitamin C, this compound helps with wound healing;
    • hydroxypropylcellulose – this is a water-soluable cellulose ingredient used generically in pharmaceutical aids.

    How To Use The Product

    Similar to skin tag remover Revitol and the mole removal product Dermatend, application and usage is very simple. The surface area around the warts is cleaned first, then soaked for five minutes in warm water, dried and then Wartrol is applied with the applicator brush to the warts specifically. The final step is simply letting the medicine dry. The manufacturer recommends applying the medicine twice a day.

    The instructions on the packaging state that it could take up to 12 weeks for the medicine to fully treat the wart. The expected treatment time is similar to that for other over the counter wart medications.

    Reviews – What Are People Saying About It?

    There are literally tons and tons of websites on the internet that claim to have Wartrol reviews from real customers. However, a great deal of these appear to be “puff pieces” that are more advertisements than genuine information you can use to determine if the product is decent.

    However, among those reviews which appear genuine, the feedback is generally positive, with lots of people saying the product has helped them greatly to get rid of their warts:

    Honestly I’m just writing this review because this product worked and did everything it said it would do. I would have liked it to be a little faster (took me 7 days to get rid of the thing) so that’s why I only gave it four stars. But now its been a month and I have yet to see another one pop up. Loved it.

    Damien Kyle, posted on July 28, 2014, at, under “Testimonials.”

    I tried out Wartrol. It’s not a magic product but I would say that it works. It took about 2-3 weeks. I am not sure about its composition – all I was interested in was the results. The reviews are positive at most places. You can try too if you want.

    Sreejan, posted on February 17, 2014 at

    I have a friend who has ordered Wartrol recently, and apparently it works for him. The only thing is that you must read carefully if it is suitable for genital warts or not, because there is a liquid and a spray. On the other hand my advice will be to read carefully the manufacturers leaflet or go to the merchants page and just search the ingredients page to see if it suits you.

    Toma, posted about one year ago on


    Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects?

    When asking yourself the question: “does Wartrol work“? you should be aware that treating warts, even with non-prescription remedies, carries some risks. This is true even using a tested and proven product like Wartrol. You should evaluate these carefully and decide what path is best based on the relative benefits and potential drawbacks.

    • There is a risk of scarring. Treating warts involves affecting the top layers of skin. As with any manipulation of the epidermis and dermis, there is a chance that the treatment may leave a scar. Scarring can be permanent and, in some places like the feet, it can be painful, too. You should also consider that scarring can be unsightly and affect how you appear to others. The good news is that treatments involving salicylic acid (such as Wartrol) carry decreased risk of scarring.
    • Wart treatment can be painful. Cryotherapy, surgical wart removal, and some prescription remedies can be painful. This factor is especially important in certain patients such as the very young or the very old, who may not tolerate pain well.
    • Wart treatments can be expensive. In-patient procedures (such as cryotherapy) and prescription remedies can be costly. Over the counter options (which Wartrol is) cost substantially less.
    • Your treated warts can become infected. The treatment for warts involves breaking down the top layer of skin. These breaks can be resting places and breeding grounds for bacteria, which can lead to infection. This problem is especially acute in people with compromised immune systems, or those with diseases that affect peripheral circulation, such as diabetes.
    • Your wart problem may not be solved quickly. Topical solutions take time to treat warts – and by time we mean many weeks. Surgical interventions and cryotherapy work much quicker, but have added drawbacks (see above for those already mentioned). If you are under a time deadline and want to get rid of unsightly warts, your chosen remedy may not work within your time frame.
    • Your problem may not be solved. Some people have histories of recurrent warts. No matter how many times they treat them, the warts come back. Even if you get rid of one batch of warts, they can return.

    Where To Buy It

    If after evaluating all these considerations you decide this wart remover is the best course of treatment to address your wart problem, you can buy Wartrol online by going to the official website: Click Here.

    Please realize that the only place to order it from is through the original manufacturer and its online ordering source. There are many imitators of this product putting out inferior compounds that perform at a sub-par level or not at all. If you are buying Wartrol from any website beside the manufacturer’s web address or from a retail store, it is not the genuine original.banner3

    Costs & Savings

    The average Wartrol cost for a one month supply is $49.95 per bottle. However, there are deals for a free bottle and substantial savings for bulk orders, so the average monthly cost for a bottle can decrease to as low as $33.32.

    While this price might still be more than that of other over the counter remedies from the corner drug store, the cost is worth every penny to get rid of unsightly blemishes that can affect a person’s self-esteem and personal image.

    What do you think:

    • Are you suffering from warts?
    • Have you tried this product in the past?
    • Did you find any other remedies that helped?

    Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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