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    Revitol Skin Tag Remover: How Does It Work?

    By on July 5, 2019

    Looking for a safe, painless way to get rid of that skin tag? If you’d rather not subject your skin to surgery or laser-burning then Revitol Skin Tag Remover just might be what you’re looking for.

    What are Skin Tags?

    Skin tags are skin growths that are generally harmless. It can be classified as a type of mole, and can appear virtually anywhere on your body. They are usually painless, but if they are in a place that constantly rubs on clothes or skin, they can be easily irritated. Many people consider skin tags unsightly and aim to have them removed, as they can become uncomfortable over the long run.

    Where are Skin Tags Generally Found?

    Skin tags tend to appear where skin comes in regular contact with skin. You can usually find them on eyelids, armpits, the upper chest, under the breast area, and the groin. They are more common with overweight individuals, pregnant women and those who are middle-aged, although younger people are not exempt to the appearance of skin tags in these key areas.

    What is Revitol?

    The Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a topical cream that is formulated to work well on skin lesions and blemishes, specifically on skin tags. Revitol is made of all natural ingredients, making it the safer (and much more preferable) alternative to a visit to the doctor’s office, or the use of chemical-heavy skin solutions. If you prefer to get rid of these skin tags and other skin blemishes in the convenience and privacy of your own home, using Revitol could may well be your cup of tea.

    The combination of natural compounds in this product reduces the tendency of scarring or pit formation on your skin by a significant margin. It is designed to work specifically on the skin tag without affecting or damaging the surrounding skin. Revitol’s best results can be expected within two weeks of consistent application, though this may also depend on the extent and size of the skin tag.

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    How Does Revitol Work on Skin Tags?

    revitol-skintag-bottleMany home remedies treat skin tags by cutting off blood and nutrient supply to the lesion. This can include the use of dental floss or fine string (making a tight knot around the tag and waiting for it to dry up and fall off), or perhaps the application of a concoction of home chemicals that cause the skin tag to diminish in appearance.

    While these remedies are effective to a certain degree, they can often cause pit formation, which basically just replaces one skin lesion for another. The use of chemicals can also be potentially dangerous, as the wrong application can result in heavy scarring.

    Most skin tag removers also contain toxic chemicals that work by burning or freezing the tag off. These methods are expensive, and have the tendency to cause scarring after treatment.

    The strength of Revitol Skin Tag Removal Cream lies in the natural compounds that make up its formula. The active ingredient in Revitol (essentially the superstar of this skin tag removal cream) is Thuja occidentalis extract, taken from the cypress tree family. The ingredients includes other natural plant oils and extracts, which penetrate through the skin tag’s layers and working on the core of the lesion, eventually causing it to dry up over time, and eventually causing it to detach itself painlessly from the surrounding skin.

    What are the Advantages of Using Revitol?

    A quick scan through Revitol reviews will tell you that the skin tag removal cream is capable of working wonders on different types of blemishes.

    One of Revitol’s main advantages is that it uses all natural ingredients, and is thus much safer than the more chemically laden skin creams on the market today. The use of natural plant extracts significantly reduces the tendency for developing skin irritation during application, as well as prevents long-term scarring from occurring.

    In addition, the extracts also serve to nourish and detoxify the surrounding skin, and are mild enough to be effective on most skin types without setting off subsequent allergies and irritation. Skin tags are generally caused by constant contact with clothes or skin; the natural extracts help soothe these areas as well.

    Another great benefit of using Revitol is painlessness. Because the skin tag literally falls off after correct, consistent application, there is no need for additional drastic measures, such as cutting or burning skin, to facilitate the skin tag removal process. This is a definite advantage if you’d rather not undergo the pain of surgery (not to mention the discomfort of the healing process afterwards), and end up spending a fortune on doctor’s fees.

    Furthermore, numerous Revitol reviews cite quick results after application; people start seeing results a week or two after beginning to use the cream. The amount of time it takes to remove the skin tag varies from person to person, and also depends on the size of the tag, but when applied correctly, Revitol consistently provides satisfactory results.

    How Affordable is Revitol?

    revitolbanner300x250Revitol has a money back policy that is valid for 90 days, so if you don’t see any results (which is highly unlikely), you can ask for your money back within that time period. There are various Revitol Skin Tag Remover price packages to choose from, depending on the extent and number of skin tags that you would like to have removed. These range from a thirty-day treatment to a six-month regimen, at $39.95 to $119.95, respectively.

    While these are considerably more expensive than most skin tag removal home remedies, they are definitely much less expensive than a minor surgery. The cream’s proven potency and fast results are well worth the cost, and make a great deal for the smooth skin you’ve always wanted.

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