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    How To Remove Moles At Home Effectively

    By on July 5, 2019

    Got a mole somewhere that you’d like taken off? Don’t sweat it. There are lots of safe and easy ways to remove a mole at home without having to shell out big bucks at the doctor’s, or worry about scarring after an intense cutting, laser-burning, or surgical session. Here are some of them.

    What is a Mole?

    A mole is a type of skin lesion that could cover just about any type of skin abnormality. It could refer to skin tags, warts, freckles, or simple brown or black discolorations on the skin. They can appear practically anywhere on your body, and are formed when skin cells, called melanocytes, grow together in groups.

    A Skin Mole

    A Skin Mole

    Moles are extremely common; you can ask around and find that many of your friends may have them, though the shape, color, and size will vary.

    Useful Ingredients for Safe and Easy Removal of Moles At Home

    There are lots of ingredients out there which will help you to remove moles at home, safely and easily. Bellow we’ll take a look at some of those ingredients.

    Apple Cider Vinegar


    One way to safely and easily remove moles at home is to use apple cider vinegar. Using apple cider vinegar is one of the more popular methods, as they effectively remove the mole without affecting the surrounding skin.

    To use this method, first get together your supplies. You will need soap, lukewarm water, bandages, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, and of course, apple cider vinegar.

    Clean the mole and surrounding skin with lukewarm water and soap, and then pat dry. Take some petroleum jelly and apply on the nearby skin.

    Dip the cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, and apply gently onto the mole. Perform direct application thrice a day, and you can expect to see a decrease in the mole’s appearance over the next few weeks. Don’t worry if you see the skin on the mole scab over after about a week – this is part of the healing process, and should fall off after a few days to reveal new skin underneath. Remember not to scratch!


    Garlic is good for more than just making our food delicious (though we definitely love that, too!). On top of its numerous medicinal properties, garlic is also one of the more effective home remedies for mole removal, as it is rich in the type of enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of melanocytes, thereby helping to lighten skin coloration.

    Before applying garlic, clean the mole and nearby skin area with soap and water. Apply petroleum jelly to the surrounding skin, and then take a clove of garlic (preferably a fresh one), and apply directly onto the mole. This should be left on the mole overnight, or for at least four hours, so it might be a good idea to use a bandage to keep the garlic in place. With consistent, daily application, the mole should fall off on its own after approximately a week.

    Pineapple Juice

    pineapple-juicePineapple juice is known for its high citric acid levels, making it a valuable home remedy for moles or skin tags.

    Take a cotton ball and soak it in pineapple juice (preferably the fresh kind, for the most effective results). Gently apply the cotton ball on the mole. Use a bandage to secure the cotton ball overnight. Repeat this process daily until the mole disappears.

    If you have a shortage of pineapples in your kitchen, consider trying the juices from sour apples, lemons, and grapefruits; these have high citric acid levels, and work well on moles. Strawberries are also quite effective!


    Iodine is easily found around most kitchens and works as an effective mole removal solution. Simply place one drop of iodine directly onto the mole (use a dropper for more accurate results), two times a day. A word of warning: Take care that you don’t overdo iodine application, as it can be harmful if used in great quantities.

    After application, apply a bandage on the mole. The mole will fade after approximately seven days.

    Castor Oilcastor-oil

    Castor oil works on an assortment of mole types, and is effective at removing simple blemishes down to the more adamant wart. This method may take a bit more waiting, as the oil works by thoroughly working through each layer of the mole, before it is completely removed.

    To apply, first prepare baking soda, ground aspirin, and castor oil. Take two to three drops of castor oil, and mix with a pinch of baking soda and aspirin. Dab the resulting solution onto the mole, and leave it there for a few hours. Leave the solution to naturally dry out. For best results, repeat this process two times a day for four weeks.

    Mole removal creams

    Mole removal creams are a bit more expensive than most home remedies, but they are much more affordable than getting an operation. These creams can be effective too, depending on the formula. If you do opt for mole removal creams, look for those with organic or all natural ingredients. Keep in mind to follow the accompanying instructions as well, as these will vary from product to product.

    Revitol Skin Tag Remover

    Revitol Skin Tag Removal

    One of the most effective home remedies for removing moles is the popular Revitol formula.

    Using this product requires no special preparation or equipment. It is safe and painless, and you don’t have to worry about exposing your skin to harmful chemicals; Revitol is made with natural ingredients and is formulated to work on various skin types.

    The mole removal cream contains natural oil extracts from sunflower, soybean, and the tea tree, as well as other compounds that nourish skin and help neutralize overgrowth of melanocytes.

    To use, apply Revitol on the mole or skin tag twice daily. For best results, application needs to be done for up to six weeks before the mole fades.

    Dermatend Mole Remover

    Dermatend-and-BoxjpgDermatend is another combatant of skin blemishes, although less effective than Revitol, and has been proven to work alright on moles. This home mole removal solution is made of safe, natural ingredients that are formulated to collaborate with your body’s immune system in removing skin irregularities.

    The formula works by facilitating the transport of white blood cells directly to the mole or skin tag. White blood cells are part of the human body’s defense system. In this case, they work by breaking down extra melanocytes on the skin and thereby catalyzing the mole removal process.

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