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    Taking A Look At Using Vitamins To Cure The Common Wart

    By on October 14, 2017

    Warts are one of those afflictions that nearly everyone gets at some point in their life but most of the time they go away on their own. Other times they appear in places that make them prone to being struck while at work or play and that makes getting rid of them more necessary.

    Other times, people become obsessed with a wart, like on their hands or fingers, and continually bite it until it bleeds. In these circumstances, it’s best to take action and get rid of the wart in any way you know how. Warts are typically caused by one of several viruses and it’s really best to not disturb them or break them open as you can possibly spread the virus to other parts of your body. Let’s look at some vitamins, supplements, and other cures for warts and their effectiveness.

    A Healthy Immune System Can Protect Against Warts

    Since most warts are caused by one of the HPV viruses, then by maintaining a healthy body you can prevent warts from taking hold and growing. Another wart prevention solution are HPV vaccinations.

    Your body’s own immune system can fight off the viruses in their early stages and stop them from ever taking hold. In the end, it’s most likely your own body that eventually gains immunity and eliminates the wart. By taking vitamins, especially D, C, and A, you can boost the immune system. Being deficient in a vitamin is like leaving the door open for any disease to attack you.

    As far as vitamins for wart removal, you should start with Vitamin C in a daily dose of about 4,000 mcg. plus vitamin A at about 25,000 IU as well. This is a long-term approach and might not work for about 2 months when used alone without other methods. Vitamin D works on a type of wart called a Plantar Wart but is usually given by injection from a medical practitioner and isn’t something that the average person would want to do themselves.

    Vitamin A Has Been Used To Cure Warts With Direct Applications

    One of the reasons that people like to cure warts naturally with products like Wartrol or vitamins is that once they’ve been eliminated, they rarely return because the virus has been killed. When you go to a dermatologist for a wart to be burned off with a laser or frozen off with chemicals, that process tends to leave some remnants of the virus which will then regrow the wart after awhile. You’ll find wart removal forums where people have used vitamin A oils to remove warts and they’ll swear by its effectiveness.

    On the other hand, salicylic acid, the main ingredient in common aspirin, has been used for decades very successfully to rid people of warts. Many people have put a part of an aspirin tablet under a band-aid on top of a wart and had great success in about two weeks or so. Others have combined aspirin and vitamin A at the same time and believe it works better that way. There are also topical treatments you can buy over the counter at the drug store that do tend to work quite well and their main ingredient is the same as aspirin.

    If you’re struggling with a wart, you can try several things at the same time and get better results. Since there are different viruses at the root of the problem each may have a different solution or combination of solutions that work best. If you still can’t get rid of a wart after several natural methods, consult with a dermatologist to get expert advice.

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